Throwing Darts: The Art of Transforming Dreams into Realities

Synopsys: if we look all around us, the building, the roads, the cities, etc.… they were all created by individuals who were determined to transform their visions of the future into a reality, and we are all living in that reality, we are all living in dreams they decided to shape into a reality by applying a focused, constant disciplined effort.

When we incorporate physics into this analysis and the concept that energy never dissipates but transforms, it all makes perfect sense.

Therefore, when we fully embrace the fact that there are behaviors that shift a dream into a reality and others that erase it, we suddenly have no other choice but to alter our actions daily to optimize the likelihood for our visions to become a reality.

Additionally, when someone else is competing to impose a similar vision of the future; if we apply ourselves with more intensity by constantly shooting darts, a metaphor meant to express the idea of embracing success-generating behaviors; it becomes fairly easy to determine who in the end will impose their vision of the future into a reality, particularly in comparison to individuals who get easily distracted by partying or engaging in passive behaviors.

Once we fully capture that fact, it becomes a lot easier to remain laser-focused on our goals day in, day out.

What does that even mean?

We are constantly throwing darts in the future, every hour, minute, seconds, all the time.

Darts are behaviors, which have predictable future outcomes.

Darts transforms our visions of the future into a reality, all the time consistently.

It is a concept that is similar to the butterfly effect, which dictates that if you are not vigilant enough and don’t work to avoid the smallest mistakes; over time, those mistakes will compound and will lead to a massive chaotic tsunami of problems at one point or another in the future.

As soon as we start embracing the fact that it’s all a game of throwing darts into the future to optimize a desired outcome, we have no other choice but to adjust our behaviors accordingly.

Here are examples of future outcome-altering darts: selflessness, patience, anticipation, transparency, extreme ownership, otherwise known as taking responsibility for everything that happens; being vulnerable and freely sharing what’s in our hearts to avoid building unnecessary resentment, responsiveness, positivity, flexibility, and finally remaining in the present, also known as mindfulness.

Other darts involve respecting our bodies by eating healthily, drinking plenty of fluids, removing refined sugars from our diets, and slowing down or avoiding alcohol or other mind-altering substances altogether.

If we remain disciplined with our dart-throwing skills or behaviors that ensure the manifestation of a desired future outcome, the darts will slowly but surely begin the process of painting our vision of the future into a reality. Guaranteed.

Once more, If we behave in this optimal fashion, our visions of the future will become inevitable; anything else would mean that instead of throwing darts in the future, we are effectively throwing question marks in the future, and we are thus simultaneously allowing others to impose their visions of the future on our reality.

Why would you throw question marks when you can guarantee a successful outcome by throwing darts?

We are all left with three distinct choices, being passive and observing someone else’s reality, being destructive by using mind-altering substances, and therefore slowly erasing ourselves from reality. Or throwing darts daily to guarantee that our vision of the future will have no other choice but become a reality.

Let’s play darts.

Love it all. Get it done.