Learnings From An All-Day Fasting & 8-Mile Walking Year.

Joe Bayen
2 min readDec 12, 2022


The Context

  • I averaged 7.2 miles in 2021, and the experience was so painful that I swore I would never push myself that hard again.
  • The year started with a measly 5.8-mile average in January in an attempt to put some distance between myself and my competitive side, constantly whispering, "Let's do better than last year." I quickly caved in February and set an 8-mile/day average as the 2022 goal.
  • The year ended just shy of the milestone with a 7.8-mile average. However, various tragedies, including the passing of close friends, interrupted my efforts. As it turned out, those long walks also became an ideal remedy to recover from grief, one of the lessons learned from a most unusual year.

The Bad

  • The bottom of my feet constantly hurt.
  • At 11 am, the body becomes increasingly hungry; however, past the 2 pm mark, the hunger dissipates, making it easier to reach past 7 pm.
  • Because of the daily time commitment required, I could spend less time with friends and family.
  • My dating life was nonexistent. Also, fasting gets me cranky throughout the day, which doesn't pair well with the art of seduction…

The Good

  • I've experienced the positive results from the all-day fasting regiment detailed by Havard Tenured professor Dr. Sinclair.
  • My mental clarity increased substantially, which enhanced my problem-solving capabilities.
  • I dropped 30 lbs from 237 lbs to 207 lbs and got closer to my sprinting shape.
  • The long walks enabled me to practice mindfulness daily.
  • They also enabled me to practice Taoism, which helped me remain in flow states for extended periods.
  • I became more patient with myself, my team, and the startup-building process.
  • I journaled my experience, including adding a gratitude journal practice, leading me to adopt a new personal mantra: I have enough, and serving is plenty.


Long walks and fasting have had profound positive impacts on my body, soul, and spirit. Though they physically kept me from my friends and family, mindfulness made me much closer to them spiritually. I felt much more present to them during each encounter, where each moment spent together mattered much more. And although your feet will have a miserable time, personal growth will likely meet you at the finish line. In 2023, give it a try.